Steve Ballmer’s Speechwriter Speaks

 The latest in a series of interviews with women at Microsoft is with Katy Hunter who writes speeches for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Not the sort of job a student would automatically associate with a company like Microsoft but it's an interesting and important job.


Katy Hunter - Interview with Steve Ballmer's Speechwriter
Did you know that Steve Ballmer gives between 125 and 150 talks a year?  Do you know what it’s like to write, coordinate, organize, compose, direct and manage those 125+ speeches a year for one of the busiest CEO’s in the world?  Watch this video with Katy Hunter who does this job every day for Steve Ballmer and find out why she loves working for Microsoft in another edition of our new show featuring cool women with cool jobs, WM_IN.  (And you thought you knew what death by PowerPoint meant . . . not as much as Katy!

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