Building Gadgets for

You and your students have probably heard of Windows Live the new interactive home page from Microsoft. One of the great things about Windows Live is that you can add all sorts of Gadgets to do interesting things. There is a web site where you can find gadgets that others have written already. Some of them are very cool and useful. They are interesting examples of what can be done.

But of course the really cool thing is not using some gadget someone else wrote but creating one on your own. Building a Windows Live gadget requires that someone knows a little about JavaScript and DHTML. Chances are that if you are teaching an advanced web design course you are covering those topics. It may be that you are looking for a project to put that knowledge to work. Perhaps you want something "real" and something that students can share with others. Well then the new article called "Building a simple gadget for" is for you. Point your students at it and challenge them to come up with the next "killer app" for Or at least suggest that they develop something of local interest. It's a chance to put what they have learned to work.

This project way also be just the thing if you have students who are doing a lot on their own but who are looking for something a little bit different from what they have done so far.

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