Choppers and computers?

You hear a lot of people, especially students, claim that they don't need computers. Or they don't see computers being involved in things they are interested it. Computers are not cool and fun to everyone. On Daryll's blog I found a link to a video for the motorcycle fans in your class room. Orange County Choppers is one of the hot companies in the custom motorcycle business these days. They have a wildly popular TV show on the Discovery Channel. You can see their licensed products in stores everywhere. What you don't see on the TV show is the computerized back office that helps them run the operation. With a huge and expensive inventory there is a lot of money invested in parts and equipment. The days when Paul Sr. could keep track of everything in a little black book are gone.

This video which includes comments from Paul Sr., Paul Jr. and my favorite Mikey describes some of the ways that Microsoft products help OCC run their business. It's a fun video. [Thanks to Daryll McDade for the link]

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