Blogging the Bill Gates College Tour

Well it is not me doing the blogging. Do I wish it was? I'm not sure. Maybe I'll know after reading Kevin Schofield's new blog. Kevin is a General Manager with Microsoft Research and he is travelling with Bill Gates on his college tour. In the first entry Kevin talks about the logistics. It looks like a lot of work goes into one of these trips. 

I assume that Bill will be talking up computer science as a field to go into. I know that Bill feels strongly about that. And I agree that we really need to get people excited about the field. But I'd like to see Bill Gates talk to high school and perhaps even middle school students though. College is pretty much too late to have this sort of discussion. Students are deciding earlier and earlier what to study in college. Oh, sure some students will change their minds. But in general there are not going to make huge changes once they declare their major. I've been meaning to write Bill about this. Maybe the start of the college tour will get me off the dime and do it.

- Alfred Thompson

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