Visual Basic 2005 Frequently Asked Questions

I regularly get questions from teachers about Visual Studio and Visual Basic. This is my frequently asked questions list. Feel free to send me more questions about using Visual Basic in the classroom either by leaving a comment or by sending email to me at Alfred.Thompson at Why should I upgrade from Visual Basic…


More Resources for Computer Science Teachers

As a follow up to an earlier post, I’d like to present some more resources for computer science teachers. Some are directly involving programming and some are more generally related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs. STEM programs are designed to get more students excited and interested in careers in those areas. The…


Bill Gates visits a classroom

Bill Gates visits a programming class at University of Wisconsin-Madison.He talks about his money, the Gates Foundation and his favorite Xbox games. It’s an MTVu film. [Thanks to Kevin Schofield for the link]


Schools and Blogging

The latest flap around schools and blogs is around a school in New Jersey that has ordered students to remove their blogs from the Internet. (Story here) My own experience with schools and newspapers suggests two things. One is that there is more to this story than is in the press. The other is that…


Great Schools

Last Friday Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, visited the O’Bryant School of Math and Science. I was fortunate enough to be there for the event. Also there was Mayor Menino of the city of Boston. The mayor is running for reelection BTW and I have not opinion on that race being from New Hampshire. The…


Five unsolved problems in computer science

I’ve been hearing (reading in blogs and comments actually) that a lot of people think that all the big, important or interesting problems in computer science have been solved. Well the Bill Gates college tour visited Columbia yesterday and the computer science faculty there presented Bill wit h a list of the top five remaining…


Should teachers teach secure programming

I found [via SlashDot] an interesting article at ZD/Net News. Howard Schmidt wants developers and their companies to be held liable for security issues in their code. But he doesn’t completely blame developers. He also blames the companies they work for and their education. Schmidt also referred to a recent survey from Microsoft which found that…


Blogging the Bill Gates College Tour

Well it is not me doing the blogging. Do I wish it was? I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll know after reading Kevin Schofield’s new blog. Kevin is a General Manager with Microsoft Research and he is travelling with Bill Gates on his college tour. In the first entry Kevin talks about the logistics. It looks…


Diane Zak at ACET

The lunch speaker for ACET today was Diane Zak, noted text book author. This was the first time I have heard her talk or met her. She gave a very interesting talk about teaching with Visual Basic .NET. Like me, she is in the process of updating a book for Visual Studio .NET 2005 and…


ACET and Mobile Programming

I’m in Fort Worth Texas this week. The event is the ACET Conference which is being held at Texas Christian University. My friend, and the person in my group who supports universities in Texas, Bradley Jensen and I have been presenting a day long workshop on Microsoft .NET and Mobile development for a group of…