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Azure SQL Database v12 – Object Explorer wrong version and unable to rename a database in SSMS

Few weeks ago I was creating a demonstration using Azure SQL Database v12 and I notice that the version shown in SSMS Object Explorer was different than it was shown through T-SQL commands, like @@version. So, let me share with you what I found so far regarding to this situation.   01 Problem SSMS Object Explorer… Read more

Comparing DMVs between Azure SQL Database V11 and V12

As we know, the Azure SQL Database V12 had a huge improvement in terms of features available. Per consequence, more DMVs were enabled. You can check it out what’s new in SQL Database V12 in the following link:   In V12, there are: 117 new DMVs, 28 were kept and 4 were removed. It’s… Read more

Installing SQL Server 2008 + Windows Server 2012 = Cluster Service Verification FAILED

Last week I was working with Marcelo Fernandes (SQL Server MVP) and he asked for help to try to find a solution for the issue below. You can get more details and screen shoots visiting Marcelo’s blog post.   Problem During SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2 over a Windows Server 2012 the Cluster Service… Read more

Max Worker Threads – Lower and Upper Bounds – The Correct Formula

Last week I was discussing with some friends, how SQL Server works with threads: Max Worker Threads – Lower and Upper bounds, Thread Pooling, SQLOS Scheduling, Parallelism, Resource Governor – CPU limits, Call Stack, Thread Starvation, Dedicated/System and User Threads…so, all the topics related to Threads. If you don’t know exactly how Process and Threads… Read more

PerfMon – Where are the process counters?

Almost everybody knows how to use Windows Performance Monitor, or just PerfMon, but there are some tips & tricks that many people don’t know and they should know, because can have a negative impact in your data collection and analysis. One of them is how to save the output file: Binary (BLG) or Comma Separated… Read more