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Greetings from TechEd Barcelona! Today, we finally got to announce a project I've been working on for the last year: "Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0". Yup, the name's a mouthful :). Explaining it is pretty easy though - make "F5" work for SharePoint stuff in VS! That's essentially what VSeWSS brings to the table. Once you have it installed, you can actually boot VS, create stuff for WSS and have it work. For example, if you want to build a web part, from the "New Project" dialog in VS, choose "Web Part" under the "C#/SharePoint" node. Add some code and you're done. You can hit F5 and immediately debug your web part. Pretty cool, no?

In addition to web part support, VSeWSS also helps you build Site Definitions, List Definitions and Content Types. Over the next few weeks, I'll use this blog to explain how to use the various parts of VSeWSS. In the meanwhile, download the bits and drop any questions you have to "microsoft.public.sharepoint.development_and_programming".


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  1. Notre suisse préféré annoncait dans, un des ses posts sur les TechEd, la sortie prochaine des VSeWSS

  2. This sounds promising. I’ve heard a lot of noise about the inability to do what this project now allows

  3. ssa says:

    This should be interesting. I will definitely post my feedback here. Thanks.

    S.S. Ahmed


  4. I just got back from a really cool Tech Ed session: OFF205 Office Developer 101: How to get started building

  5. DDJ says:

    I installed this but the new project templates did not show up.  Two questions:

    1) You don’t need SP installed locally do you?

    2) Does this CTP work with "Team Suite" edition.  The notes say it doesn’t work with "Team Server" but maybe they mean "Team Suite"?

  6. TonyBierman says:

    I’m using the MS Gold Partner Edition of Visual Studio 2005 Team System and VSeWSS seems to be working fine for me.

  7. Alex Malek announced the availability of Visual Studio 2005 extensions for WSS v3 from the TechEd floor

  8. SpoonsJTD says:

    Where is the appropriate place to discuss possible improvements, changes, etc. for this tool? For example, instead having of each individual project template do it’s own solution building and deployment, seems like it’d make more sense to have a sharepoint deployment project, analogous to the standard and web app deployment projects, that you could add sharepoint element references to and modify in a domain-specific way to create a solution for deployment purposes.

  9. SpoonsJTD says:

    Sorry, I read the whole post except for the last comment that answers my question: "In the meanwhile, download the bits and drop any questions you have to "microsoft.public.sharepoint.development_and_programming"."

  10. JHOLLIDAY says:

    First of all, this is an awesome tool, and a really elegant approach to developing SharePoint solutions.  I’d love to get a peek inside the code that makes it all work! 😉

    One question, though.  Will you be adding support for deploying custom resource files?  It appears that this was not addressed.  For example, say I want to deploy one or more .resx files as part of my solution, but not all of them?  I need a way to specify that a given resource file will be deployed to the 12Resources folder.  Is there a way to do that now?

  11. dwallin says:

    Hi Alex,

    I think the extensions are great tools that have the potential to save a lot of time.

    I have a couple issues with them and I was hoping to get your comments. Currently I am running into an error whenever I try to deploy a solution. I get: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". It says this when the status bar says "Creating Solution". It was working fine for several weeks before this error started happening. I tried deleting the site collection and starting over and this works once but then gives the error on subsequent tries. Starting new projects also give the same behavior (working once then failing on subsequent tries).

    My other issue is concerning the GUID generation. Any time you edit a resource (say an .ASPX page in a site definition) it gets assigned a new GUID. This is bad because any time I re-deploy the site definition, old sites will get broken since their resources will get retracted and replaced with new ones that have a different GUID (so the old site won’t be able to find it’s resources anymore). Are there any plans to change this behavior or at least add the option to preserve the GUID’s?

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