Creating a Data Service Provider – Part 5 – Query

In Part 4 of our series showing how to implement a Custom Data Service Provider we hooked up an incomplete implementation of IDataServiceQueryProvider, just enough to get the ServiceDocument and $metadata working. In this part we’ll get query working too. To do that we need to know where the data is going to come from…


Creating a Data Service Provider – Part 3 – IDataServiceMetadataProvider

UPDATE: I’ve made a few updates to the code / write-up to reflect refactors I’ve made as I’ve implemented more of the interfaces. This is Part 3 of my ongoing series on Creating a Data Service Provider, and in this post we’ll look at how to implement IDataServiceMetadataProvider IDataServiceMetadataProvider is responsible for describing the shape…


Tip 3 – How to get started with T4

So if you’ve been reading the Entity Framework Design Blog you will have heard us talk about T4. It is a technology that ships with Visual Studio 2008 (and 2005 as a separate download). In .NET 4.0 the Entity Framework is leverage T4 to help with Code Generation and Model First scenarios. In fact T4…


LINQ to Objects and Buffer<T>

I was debugging a problem a couple of days ago, when I learned something interesting. I had some code that looked like this: foreach(Employee e in manager.Manages) {     … } The manager.Manages property returned a custom implementation of ICollection<Employee> that lazy-loads it’s data from somewhere when enumerated. I wanted to change the code to…



Most of the time the Entity Framework (EF) can manage transactions for you. Every time you Add an Entity, Delete an Entity, Change an Entity, Create a Relationship or Delete a Relationship in your .NET code, these changes are remembered by the EF, and when you call SaveChanges()these are converted to appropriate native SQL commands…


Blogging database scripts

For a while now I’ve been using a blogging database for demos, presentations, videos etc. For example I used my little blogging database for the Getting Started with the Entity Framework video I did. Every time I do something with this database I invariably get asked by people if they can have a copy of…


Sample Oracle Provider for EF

Jarek has released his sample provider for Oracle here. In his post he talks about a few of the more notable challenges he had and how he got around them. If you are writing an EF provider this is gold!