Web API [Queryable] current support and tentative roadmap

The recent preview release of OData support in Web API  is very exciting (see the new nuget package and codeplex project). For the most part it is compatible with the previous [Queryable] support because it supports the same OData query options. That said there has been a little confusion about how [Queryable] works, what it…


OData support in ASP.NET Web API

UPDATE 2 @1:21 pm on 16th August (PST): There is an updated version of the nuget package that resolves the previous dependency issues. Oh and my comments are now working again. UPDATE 1 @10:00 am on 16th August (PST): If you’ve tried using the preview nuget package and had problems, rest assured we are working on…


CQRS with OData and Actions?

I love the Actions feature in OData – which is hardly surprising given I was one of its designers.  Here’s the main reason why I love it: Actions allow you move from a CRUD architecture style, where you query and modify data using the same model, to an architectural style where you have a clear…


TechEd 2010 Videos

If you didn’t get to TechEd – no problem – videos of all the sessions are available here. Including my Best Practices: Creating an OData Service using WCF Data Services session. If you watch that video and want to follow try it out – you can download all the source code I uploaded previously. Enjoy.


Tip 56 – Writing an OData Service using the Reflection Provider

At TechEd I got a lot of questions about how to expose Data as OData By now you probably know you can use Data Services and the Entity Framework to expose data from a database as an OData Service. You might even know you can use Data Services with a custom Data Service Provider to expose arbitrary data…


OData – WCF Data Services Best Practices from TechEd

Yesterday I promised to share all the code from my Best Practices – Creating an OData Service using WCF Data Services session at TechED. Note: you can find a recording of that session here. So here goes, essentially this is what I did: Downloaded, unzipped, opened and ran the MVC Music Store Sample.  Added an…


Tip 44 – How to navigate an OData compliant service

I recently did a crash course in Data Services and OData. While doing so I realized my notes might be useful for you guys. So here is my little cheat sheet to quickly get up to speed with OData Urls. Note: OData Services may not necessarily support all of the following features: but if they…