TechEd 2010 Videos

If you didn’t get to TechEd – no problem – videos of all the sessions are available here. Including my Best Practices: Creating an OData Service using WCF Data Services session. If you watch that video and want to follow try it out – you can download all the source code I uploaded previously. Enjoy.


Tip 56 – Writing an OData Service using the Reflection Provider

At TechEd I got a lot of questions about how to expose Data as OData By now you probably know you can use Data Services and the Entity Framework to expose data from a database as an OData Service. You might even know you can use Data Services with a custom Data Service Provider to expose arbitrary data…


OData – WCF Data Services Best Practices from TechEd

Yesterday I promised to share all the code from my Best Practices – Creating an OData Service using WCF Data Services session at TechED. Note: you can find a recording of that session here. So here goes, essentially this is what I did: Downloaded, unzipped, opened and ran the MVC Music Store Sample.  Added an…


Tip 55 – How to extend an IQueryable by wrapping it.

Over the last couple of years I’ve found myself in lots of situations where I’ve wanted to get ‘under the hood’ and see what is happening inside an IQueryable, but I haven’t had an easy solution, at least until now. Getting down and dirty like this is interesting because it means you can: Log Queries…


Creating a Data Service Provider – Part 8 – Relationships

In parts 1 thru 7 we made a Read / Write typed data service provider, although it was a little simplistic because it didn’t have relationships. So lets rectify that right now by adding a relationship to make this more ‘real-world’ Changes to our Classes If you remember from Part 3 we had just a…


Creating a Data Service Provider – Part 7 – Update

In Parts 1 thru 6 we created a custom Read/Only provider over an in memory list of Products. Now it’s time to add update support. To do that we need to add an implementation of IDataServiceUpdateProvider. But first lets talk about the… Implications of Batching The IDataServiceUpdateProvider interface is designed to support Batching, allowing customers to…


Tip 52 – How to re-use Types with the Data Services client

By default when you add a Data Service Service Reference you get automatic code-generation, which produces a strongly typed DataServiceContext and classes for all your ResourceTypes. You can have a look at this generated code if you ‘show all files’ in your project: And then expand your Data Service Reference, it’s dependant Reference.datasvcmap and open…


Creating a Data Service Provider – Part 6 – Query Interactions

Whenever I find myself implementing a series of interfaces to plug into a framework or server, I always find myself wondering how the server will call my implementations. For me this is about forming a mental model to simplify how I think about what I’m doing. In fact as I’ve been doing this DSP series…


Creating a Data Service Provider – Part 5 – Query

In Part 4 of our series showing how to implement a Custom Data Service Provider we hooked up an incomplete implementation of IDataServiceQueryProvider, just enough to get the ServiceDocument and $metadata working. In this part we’ll get query working too. To do that we need to know where the data is going to come from…


Tip 50 – How to query a Data Service using JQuery

Recently I’ve been spending some of my time playing with JQuery. And because Data Services can expose data in JSON format, I thought I’d use JQuery to grab some data from a Data Service. Turns out it is pretty simple. This example isn’t going to win any beauty awards, but it will show you the…