Interesting series of Posts exploring Code-Only

Daniel Wertheim left a couple of comments on Tip 42, that point to a series of posts he has written about using Code-Only to write clean code. The series is really interesting as he delves into topics like: facades, relationships between non-public properties, integrating pluralization, using structure map etc. All well worth a read, so…


Alt.NET Seattle

I went to Alt.NET Seattle on the weekend. Being from the Entity Framework team, I was a little nervous about how I’d be received. Well I definitely shouldn’t have worried… everyone was very civil. In the broader sense I wasn’t sure what to expect either, because while I’ve been to CodeCamps, .NET usergroups, and even…


Tip 1 – How to sort Relationships in Entity Framework

Question: One of the questions you often see in the Entity Framework Forums is around sorting related items. For example imagine if you want to query customers, and return only those that have accounts more than 30 days in arrears, and at the same time retrieve their orders. And you need those orders sorted by…


Virtuoso – Entity Framework compatible ADO.NET provider

Now this is worth a mention. Kingsley has produced a ADO.NET provider for their virtuoso product which is Entity Framework compatible. Which means in theory access to SQL, XML and RDF data via the Entity Framework. It also supports a raft of third party databases, like Oracle, Informix, Progress etc etc. Now I haven’t tried…

Opinionated Software and the Paradox of Choice

In my last post I briefly mentioned the Paradox of Choice. The alert amongst you will have noticed a lot of unapologetic talk about Opinionated Software recently out in the blogosphere. Anyway it got me wondering whether the two are in some way related. If people don’t really like a choice, especially one they don’t…


Sample Oracle Provider for EF

Jarek has released his sample provider for Oracle here. In his post he talks about a few of the more notable challenges he had and how he got around them. If you are writing an EF provider this is gold!


Roger Jennings – and his LINQ and Data feed

Just in case some of you don’t know, I thought I should point out Roger’s Blog. I refer to Roger’s blog at least once a day to keep up to date with what is happening in the LINQ, Data Programmability, Entity Framework and Data Services worlds. Its a great resource.


Fantasy Soccer – Part 4 – Architectural Overview

Okay this Fantasy Soccer thing has got me thinking. What is this thing going to look like from about 100,000 feet? I.e. what are the big bits? Well being a pure geek, I really want to play with new shiny stuff (i.e. the new ASP.NET MVC Framework) but that has to be balanced against a…


Lazy-loading and the Entity Framework

Most of you probably know that the Entity Framework architects made a very conscious decision to make all trips to the database explicit. The result is that this: Person mother = person.Mother; will return null, even if the person has a Mother, unless you either eager load (using Include) or explicitly load using Reference.Load(); i.e….


Fantasy Soccer – part 3 – Unit of Measure

Today I spent a bit of time working on the data model for my fantasy soccer application. I don’t want to talk about the actual model today though, because I’m not really ready. What I want to do is talk about a problem that occurred to me, namely Unit Of Measure.  Any real sport fan…