Colin Meek talks about his EF Extensions

Colin is a super smart colleague of mine, who works as a developer on the Entity Framework.

So it is great to see him start a blog.

His first post is super cool, because he discusses a set of extensions he put together that get around some of mapping limitations of the Entity Framework. 

He does this by writing a custom entity materializer. This custom materializer supports, arbitrary stored procs, multiple recordsets etc... all very cool.

Here is a little snippet that illustrates what is possible:

var results = context

    .CreateStoreCommand("GetCategories", CommandType.StoredProcedure)



What this does is execute the GetCategories stored proc, turning results into Category objects and binds them to the categorySet entityset so that changes can be tracked/managed by the Entity Framework.

How easy is that?

Take a look for more

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  1. Diego's Blog says:

    When I announced the start of the Entity Framework Toolkits &amp; Extensions section in CodeGallery ,

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