Opinionated Software and the Paradox of Choice

In my last post I briefly mentioned the Paradox of Choice. The alert amongst you will have noticed a lot of unapologetic talk about Opinionated Software recently out in the blogosphere. Anyway it got me wondering whether the two are in some way related. If people don’t really like a choice, especially one they don’t…


DefiningQuery versus QueryView

The Entity Framework is a flexible beast. So much so that it provides not one but two ways to create views over the database. DefiningQueries live in the storage schema file, or ssdl, and are written in the native SQL of the database engine being used, i.e. T-SQL for SqlServer. QueryViews on the other hand…


Blogging database scripts

For a while now I’ve been using a blogging database for demos, presentations, videos etc. For example I used my little blogging database for the Getting Started with the Entity Framework video I did. Every time I do something with this database I invariably get asked by people if they can have a copy of…


State vs Statement of Intent

Well I went to Vegas for Dev Connections. What an experience. Never been there before, but for first two days I was too worried about my two talks to take much in. My first talk was Entity Framework in a world of Services and Processes. My old boss Tim came up with the title, I…


Andrew Peters joining the EF team

Just a short one today, but a good one. Andrew Peters is on his way to Vancouver soon to join the Entity Framework team. He will bring the Kiwi contingent to three. Sahil, Andrew and I. See what Andrew has to say about it here.


Software Development Meme

So thanks Danny for giving me a ping… it’s been a while since I participated in one of these blog chain letters. Funny really because now I am a Program Manager, I’m not a real developer anymore 😉 How old were you when you first started programming? I remember mucking around with my Vic20 when…


Sample Oracle Provider for EF

Jarek has released his sample provider for Oracle here. In his post he talks about a few of the more notable challenges he had and how he got around them. If you are writing an EF provider this is gold!


Roger Jennings – and his LINQ and Data feed

Just in case some of you don’t know, I thought I should point out Roger’s Blog. I refer to Roger’s blog at least once a day to keep up to date with what is happening in the LINQ, Data Programmability, Entity Framework and Data Services worlds. Its a great resource.