Deblogged and Lastposted

When I was a kid, my Dad was in the Royal Air Force. When he came home and said he’d got a posting, it meant we were going off to live in a foreign country for a few years. Of course, today, a posting is just something on a blog – rather like this one….


More Wandering OOF

I’m not much of a gardener. Instead of green fingers, I have black fingers where the numbers rub off my laptop keyboard. What gardening I do mainly consists of chopping stuff down to a manageable height. I seem to spend all my garden-allocated time cutting grass, and attacking trees and bushes. My wife thinks I’ve got a pruner fetish….


Wandering OOF

How can I not Wallaby in England while the weather is so fair? Though, looking at these three, dinner is obviously more important than worrying about the chances of rain.  Yep, it’s been “week vacation” time again and we’ve been wandering off to see some more of the sights and attractions here in our corner…


Six Buttons and a Volume Knob

Probably there’s not many people who can remember when TVs had just six buttons and a volume knob. You simply tuned each of the buttons to one of the five available channels (which were helpfully numbered 1 to 5), hopefully in the correct order so you knew which channel you were watching, and tuned the…


Snakin’ All Over

My new pet snake is installed, working, and really flies. Deathly silent, yet it instantly responds to every command. It’s like somebody speeded up the world. Or at least speeded up my television. And, yes, this is a follow-on from last week’s rambling post about our new “Mamba” Media Center box from In fact,…


Papa Loves Mamba

Media Center is alive and well! Yes, you can buy a proper no-noise Media Center appliance that just works out of the box, does satellite and terrestrial TV, and looks good on your TV stand. You can even watch the YouTube video on it that inspired the title of this week’s rambling post. Our current…


The Internet Of Letterboxes

It’s currently fashionable here in England to castigate large companies for not voluntarily paying more tax that they are legally obliged to do. Amongst the so-called offenders is Amazon, who have grown a huge order management, warehousing, and distribution network throughout the UK. Probably because we seem to be one of the countries that has…


Digitally Impecunious Pop Stars

It seems that being a pop star is no longer the route to guaranteed wealth. According to several reports I’ve been reading, stars such as Lily Allen earn peanuts from writing and releasing songs and albums. Should we be feeling sorry for them…? The trouble is, they say, that nobody actually buys music albums any…


Digital Trainspotting

I know that computers and digital electronics have almost completely taken over our world, but it was still an eye-opening experience to see just how much they have infiltrated one of my peripheral interests: model railways. Many years ago, when space and time permitted, I indulged physically in the world of railway modelling. It’s almost…


A Book By Any Other Name

So last week saw the sad demise of Bruce Robertson, the managing director of the UK-based Diagram organization that specializes in artwork and design for books and other publications. While I’m sure he’d most like to be remembered by the great work his company has done, the somewhat unfortunate fact is that he’s probably best…