MS Chart Control: Getting Started

Scott Mitchell wrote a great series of articles where he describes how to use Microsoft Chart control from simple binding to more complex scenarious. I highly recommend to read his articles for everybody starting working on the control:   Alex.  


Setting Microsoft Chart Series Colors

Microsoft Chart control provides different ways to set color of the series and data points: Palettes Selecting one of the predefined palettes is the easiest way to change chart series colors. There are 12 built-in palettes with about 10 unique colors each. Chart types like column and line, will assign a unique color from the…


Microsoft Chart Control vs. Dundas Chart Control

I get a lot of questions about ‘relationship’ of our Microsoft Chart Control to the well known Dundas Data Visualization controls. You can definitely see the similarities in the features, appearance, APIs and demos we use. So I will start with a  little bit of history… Dundas is one of the leaders in data visualization,…


Creating ‘small’ charts with Microsoft Chart Control

Designing a chart when you have limited space available or when it’s size can be dynamically changed  usually requires additional planning. I’ve been playing with a way to display sample data in a 300 by 500 pixels chart and here what I came up with: Figure 1: Chart size 300 by 500 pixels. I was…


Microsoft Chart control for .NET Framework Released!

I glad to announce the release of Microsoft Chart for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, which includes the ASP.NET and Windows Forms Chart Controls. Our Data Visualization team in SSRS worked really hard to deliver those controls!    Here is where you can download it: Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – This installs the…