Microsoft Chart Control vs. Dundas Chart Control

I get a lot of questions about 'relationship' of our Microsoft Chart Control to the well known Dundas Data Visualization controls. You can definitely see the similarities in the features, appearance, APIs and demos we use.

So I will start with a  little bit of history... Dundas is one of the leaders in data visualization, who provides well known Chart, Gauge, Map and other visual controls for different Microsoft development platforms (ASP.NET, Windows Forms, SQL Reporting Services and SharePoint). Microsoft acquired Dundas Data Visualization Intellectual Property in April 2007 and is integrating this technology in different Microsoft products. New Chart and Gauge report items were already released as part of SQL Reporting Services 2008. We also announced the new Map report item which will be available in the next release of SSRS. Microsoft Chart controls (ASP.NET and Windows Forms), released at PDC 2008, also based on the source code acquired from Dundas! Microsoft Chart control is available as a separate installation for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and will be part of .NET Framework 4.0.

Where I can download the new Microsoft Chart controls?

You can download and install chart from this link.

So what are the differences between Microsoft and Dundas controls?

Microsoft Chart control is based on Dundas Chart source code version 5.5. We spent significant amount of time making sure the control passes Microsoft security review and meets accessibility, API and other requirements. As a result there were a few changes including changes in the public API. Several features were also cut:

  • Chart UI (Toolbar, Context Menu and Property Pages)

  • Flash and SVG Rendering and Animations

  • ASP.NET scrolling and zooming

When other controls (Gauge, Map, ...) will be available in the .NET Framework?

Microsoft does not have the exact dates at this moment when other data visualization controls for .NET Framework will be released.

Can I still purchase visualization controls from Dundas?

Yes, you can still purchase visualization controls from Dundas. Our team will continue bringing new visualizations to different Microsoft products; meanwhile they will be available from Dundas directly, where they continue to support and enhance available visualizations.

How do I get technical support?

Standard Microsoft support options are available including dedicated Microsoft Chart Control Forum. Please note that Dundas keeps supporting the products purchased directly from them and is not responsible for any support for Microsoft Chart Controls.


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  1. victorantos says:

    Great stuff!


    I was thinking to use google charts, but now I know what to do 🙂

  2. I need Gauge for ASP.NET, it sure will be released, right?

  3. Alex Gorev says:

    Dundas Gauge source code was also acquired but we do not have a specific date when it will be available in the framework.


  4. Yes I know you don’t have a specific date, and I just want to make sure that I needn’t go to the buying process for current project, because I can use the Dundas evaluation version now, and wait for someday it really been released.

  5. Microsoft acquired Dundas company a year and a half ago and implementing theirs charting technology into

  6. says:

    Ny .Net kontroll for diagrammer

  7. adg1 says:


    I’m having come confusion as to what is/is not included in the different flavours of Charting.

    From what I understand, there are 3 optional versions.

    1. Dundas Chart controls – Full Version
    2. Microsoft Chart Controls )

    3. Dundas Chart controls installed with SQL Reporting Services 2008

    Can you explain what the differences are between these?

  8. Alex Gorev says:

    Microsoft Chart Controls for .NET Framework are based on the Dundas IP and contain full version of the controls, except of some features which were removed due to security concerns.

    SSRS 2008 Chart report item is based on the MS Chart control and provides charting inside the report


  9. Even though its been available for more than 6 months, many people have overlooked this little gem. Those

  10. says:


    How Can I use this Chart controls to display OLAP Data

    I have cubes in the server where the AnalysisServices is installed

    but while i am assigning the SQLDatasource i amd unable to find the AnalysisService Type

    How can I achieve this ?

  11. Alex,

    Any news on the future/timing of the gauge control appearing in the .NET framework?  I haven’t been able to "bing" up any news on this for a long time.



  12. Alex Gorev says:

    We looking at many different projects right now but nothing is set in stone.


  13. marquee says:

    I don't get it.. howcome Dundas are still selling Dundas chart when you can get the same thing for free from MS?

  14. Torsten says:

    Does the MC Chart control also include the Gantt Chart features?

  15. HeckMeck says:

    Hey Alex,

    I can't find any news about the gauge controls. Will they appear in the .Net Framework or is it unsure? I tested the gauge control from dundas, but they will stop there support.



  16. ncscoots says:

    Is there a document somewhere listing all the CustomProperties (and enums for them, if applicable) available in the MSChart control?

  17. ncscoots says:

    digiruben, thanks, already got that. What I'm interested in is some docs on custom properties that can be applied to the different objects in the hierarchy, e.g. Chart1.Series(0).CustomProperties = "DrawingStyle=Emboss". I don't get these through Intellisense in VS2008, so a list of the possible setting and values would really be helpful.

  18. Charan says:

    Is it possible to migrate dundas charts to .Net 4.0 charts

  19. Sean says:

    What about the brilliant Dundas OLAP cube browser.  I've just found out I can no longer buy it and there is no other equivalent AJAX enabled product that comes close to it.  What have Microsoft done with this product?

  20. Mark says:

    Since Microsoft won't allow Dundas to sell even support license extensions anymore, will Microsoft support Dundas issues?  Our support license for Dundas expired and we are unable to renew with them.  We have a MS support license, we would love to just be able to go to dundas for our dundas issues but are unable.  Any help on how we can get Dundas issues supported would be fantastic, as we feel we are in a bit of limbo at the moment.

  21. Alex Gorev says:

    Chart control based on the Dundas source code is now available as part of the .NET Framework and it is fully supported by Microsoft. Microsoft is not planning on supporting any controls directly built by Dundas.

  22. Mark says:

    Thanks for getting back to me Alex.  In your opinion, would the best course of action be to swap out our use of the Dundas product for the MS offering then to future proof us and provide the best level of support in the future?  Happy New Year!

  23. Alex Gorev says:

    Switching is the best option. Keep in mind that .Net Chart control was based on Dundas Chart 5.0 and the API were slightly changed.

  24. Mark says:

    Thanks again Alex.  It appears from here:

    that there have been a large number of bugs fixed by dundas from 5.0 to their current 7.0 offering.  If MS is using the 5.0 codebase with some slight api changes, should we assume that all of the bugs that dundas fixed in the interim are present in the MS offering?  We likely could make the swap to the MS chart at least for a good portion of our system, but I am hesitant to do so considering the step backwards I feel we would be taking from a defect perspective and the regression testing required to make sure our product remains stable.  Do you know when we could expect the MS offering to be inline with the 7.0 codebase from dundas?

  25. Mark says:

    looks like link got chopped:

    that's default.aspx question mark and then section=224

  26. Alex Gorev says:

    We do not have exact plans on taking the Dundas 7.0 codebase…

  27. Mark says:

    Thanks Alex.  Hopefully the conundrum we are in is abundantly clear to MS.  At the very least it would be fantastic if MS were to allow Dundas to sell support licenses until Oct. 2011, as this is the date Dundas must stop support.  They were forced to stop selling licenses Oct. 2010.  That is quite a gap where surely others are in a sort of supportless limbo, unable to safely 'downgrade' to the MS offering built upon the 5.0 codebase, but unable to get effective support from MS or Dundas for code built on the 7.0 (or 5.5+) codebase.  We are more than willing to pay for said support, but no one can even take our money, quite an unusual problem to have I should say!  I appreciate your time.  What would be the best way to monitor the progress of the dundas codebase assimilation?

    Thanks again for  your time!

  28. atul says:

    Alex I have to sell my product  to my customer for which I need Dundas Chart license. But I came to know Dundas cannot sell the license and canot provide customer support. Now how can I get license for this?

  29. JD says:

    Hi Alex, i have two questions?

    1) Where can i download the trial version of Dundas Chart for Reporting Services (SSRS 2005)

    2) I have downloaded the Microsoft Chart Control for .NET 3.5. How can i then integrate it into Reporting Services 2005

  30. SJ says:

    Can  we use our licenced Dundas chart Enterprise v6.2 in visual studio 2010?

  31. Wafer Map Charts says:

    How can i check that why MS removed Wafer Map Chart from the MS Charting Suit and when it will be released next?

  32. Does Microsoft support Dunda's Six Sigma Xbar Chart. I am trying to implement a chart like the Levy-Jennings Chart which is somewhat like a dotplot with mean, sd lines and a bunch of control points that vary over time on the x-axis.

  33. Renganathan says:

    Where I can get the source code for sample that provided by dundas?

  34. Has map and guage and others been released yet?

  35. CCC71 says:

    Hi Alex,

    I want to know how to convert from 2005 to 2008 R2 and keep the Original Dundas Charts without needing to convert to Microsoft Chart. I basically want to still use the Dundas Charts for Reporting Services but not the Microsoft. Thanks in advance.

  36. HughB says:

    What is the current plan for the chart controls?   It sounds like MS used the Dundas controls to enhance their products, made some improvements but left out other important revisions so it has has put everyone that wants to continue to use the controls in a bind.

  37. darlis milagro monsalvo mendoza velsco says:

    hola  amiga  hacer  amor   te  quiero  mucho  teamo  yo  tambièn  corazòn darlis  besito

  38. jpserafini says:

    Im changing old Dundas chart  with MSChart, and I dont know how to replace UI events like original Dundas  with MSChart events???? Can you help me?

  39. mary jean says:

    hello i need your help on this graph pattern: How will i do like this







    Mar Apr May Jun Jul     Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
    2012                                    2013    
  40. Dundas Chart (Version to Microsoft .Net Charting Control (VS 2010) Migration

    Hi Alex,

    We are trying to migrate our exisiting code implementations (which have refrences to the Dundas Chart Library) to Microsoft .Net Charting Control provided by default in the .Net Framework 4.0 along with Visual Studio 2010.

    We have hit a few challanges with regards to the mapping of some existing classes in Dundas to the new Microsoft .Net Charting Control.

    Below are a few to list down:-

    class Dundas.Charting.WinControl.Command —– What is the equivalent in Microsoft .Net Charting Control ?

    enum Dundas.Charting.WinControl.ChartCommandType —– What is the equivalent in Microsoft .Net Charting Control ?

    class Dundas.Charting.WinControl.CommandFiredArgs —– What is the equivalent in Microsoft .Net Charting Control ?

    class Dundas.Charting.WinControl.Utilities.SelectionManagerExtended —– What is the equivalent in Microsoft .Net Charting Control ?

    namespace Dundas.Gauges.WinControl —- What is the equivalent in Microsoft .Net Charting Control ?

    namespace Dundas.Gauges.Wizard —– What is the equivalent in Microsoft .Net Charting Control ?

    Do we have the Dundas Gauge Control implementation in Microsoft .Net Charting Control ?



  41. Shroder says:

    Dundas chart was more powerful than the crippled version that Microsoft released. That is why you cannot migrate everything. Furthermore the Microsoft  is not evolving any more. If you want something new and supported – try <a href="">Nevron Chart for .NET</a>. We also provide Dundas Chart porting services through our consulting division.

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