Chart SharePoint Web Part

You can easily create charting SharePoint Web Part using new Microsoft Chart Control. Wictor Wilen created a “ChartPart for SharePoint” project on Codeplex, which is a ready to use WebPart with source code. If you want to create your own WebPart also check out this tutorial created by Marc Charmois! Alex.


Microsoft Chart Control How-to: Improve Chart Performance

There are several main areas that affect performance of the chart: Data binding. Rendering of the chart visual elements. Streaming chart image from the server to the client. (ASP.NET only)   The following chart scenarios may have a major impact on performance and we going to discuss their affect in details below: Large data sets…


Microsoft Chart Control How-to: Using in a SharePoint web site

Thanks to Marc Charmois we have a very nice example of using the chart control in the SharePoint web site. Here is a link to his post… I will continue collecting links to all the good posts regarding the chart control in my blog. Alex.


Microsoft Chart Control How-to: Add Rich Content Using Keywords

Adding Labels or Tooltips is a simple task in the chart, but what if we want to show more data than just a simple data point value? Keywords allows specifying rich content for many text based properties, so that you can build a tooltip as shown in this Bubble chart image. A Keyword is a…


Microsoft Chart Control vs. Dundas Chart Control

I get a lot of questions about ‘relationship’ of our Microsoft Chart Control to the well known Dundas Data Visualization controls. You can definitely see the similarities in the features, appearance, APIs and demos we use. So I will start with a  little bit of history… Dundas is one of the leaders in data visualization,…


Creating ‘small’ charts with Microsoft Chart Control

Designing a chart when you have limited space available or when it’s size can be dynamically changed  usually requires additional planning. I’ve been playing with a way to display sample data in a 300 by 500 pixels chart and here what I came up with: Figure 1: Chart size 300 by 500 pixels. I was…


New Silverlight Charting control announced at PDC 2008!

New Silverlight Charting control was announced today at PDC! It is part of the Silverlight Toolkit availabale for download on Codeplex. Here is where you can find more information about the control: Silverlight Toolkit Download Page Shawn Burke’s Blog – Toolkit Announcement Delay’s Blog – Chart How To  Alex.


Microsoft Chart control for .NET Framework Released!

I glad to announce the release of Microsoft Chart for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, which includes the ASP.NET and Windows Forms Chart Controls. Our Data Visualization team in SSRS worked really hard to deliver those controls!    Here is where you can download it: Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – This installs the…


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