New Features of Power BI

Today we are previewing new features for Power BI, our self-service business intelligence solution designed for everyone. Power BI reduces the barriers to deploying a business intelligence environment to share and collaborate on data and analytics from anywhere. You can try out what is coming next here: More information available in our blog post…


MS Chart Control: Getting Started

Scott Mitchell wrote a great series of articles where he describes how to use Microsoft Chart control from simple binding to more complex scenarious. I highly recommend to read his articles for everybody starting working on the control:   Alex.  


Setting Microsoft Chart Series Colors

Microsoft Chart control provides different ways to set color of the series and data points: Palettes Selecting one of the predefined palettes is the easiest way to change chart series colors. There are 12 built-in palettes with about 10 unique colors each. Chart types like column and line, will assign a unique color from the…


MS Chart Layout Helper

MS Chart consists of different elements (like titles, legends, chart areas, …) which all share the same space in the chart. It is easy to make a ‘perfect’ layout of these elements when you know exactly how many you will have and what size they going to be. It can be challenging when the content…


Displaying Categorical Axis Labels.

In this post I will discuss labeling of the categorical axes in SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) and .NET Chart controls. Same engine is used between these two products and they have exactly the same behavior. You can find detailed steps and sample code at the end of the post. Before we start, lets have a…


Aligning Multiple Series with Categorical Values

Binding Categorical Data Overview Binding chart to the data source with categorical values is pretty simple and usually requires just one line of code:   Chart1.Series[“Series1”].Points.DataBind(mySource, “ProductName”, “Sales”);  It is important to understand that after DataBind method creates series DataPoint objects, their XValue property will always be set to zero and category is saved in the…


Charting With ASP.NET and LINQ

Check out the new MSDN article about how to use ASP.NET Chart control with LINQ by K. Scott Allen: Alex.


Deploying Microsoft Chart Controls

MSChart.exe setup should be used to deploy Microsoft Chart controls but what exactly need to be done to create a deployment package in Visual Studio? Visual Studio provides an easy way to add the prerequisites using bootstrappers, and thanks to Phil Preen, now we have a detailed instructions on how to create and use .NET…


Data Binding Microsoft Chart Control

Overview When you add a new visualization in your application, the very first thing you do, is bind it to the data. Microsoft Chart control allows many different ways of populating data in the chart and it is important to understand the differences between them and being able to choose the best approach. I put…


ASP.NET Connections 2009

Have a question about the ASP.NET chart control? Want to meet and discuss the future visualization roadmap? I will be at the ASP.NET Connections March 22-25. See you there! Alex.