Moving my blog

OK, so I moved my new Alex Barnett blog to here for a number of reasons, explained here at my, er, new blog.


Tag, Tags, Tagging, Categorization, Classification and Laziness

Clearly a classic post on the topic of tagging, but I’ve not seen it before: A cognitive analysis of tagging (or how the lower cognitive cost of tagging makes it popular), by Rashmi Sinha: “The rapid growth of tagging in the last year is testament to how easy and enjoyable people find the tagging process….


Taglocity 1.0 for Outlook

I blogged about a tagging tool for Outlook 2003, Taglocity, when it went to beta earlier this year. Well, the team has released Taglocity 1.0! Congratulations to David and his team. It’s cool. Check out Mike Gunderloy’s review of the beta and a Taglocity demo screencast.


Enterprise tagging – off to the races…

TechCrunch outlines some of the features in a new product out there developed called ConnectBeam. It was just matter of time before someone ran with the Tagging behind the firewall idea. From the page describing ConnetBeam’s benefits: Bookmark, retrieve, and reference information useful for day-to-day work Feel at ease that your saved information is secure Find…


Coping with Information Overload (video)

About four weeks ago I made my way over to ZDNet’s studios in San Francisco to be interviewed by Mike Elgan for DevSource and discuss a number of topics close to my heart.  The video (15-ish mins) is now published. Mike asked me about microformats, tagging, information overload, OPML, attention data and of course web…


Enterprise Tagging

Since posting the Inside and Tagging behind-the-firewall posts, I’ve been pinged left right and center by a bunch of tagtastic people (both inside and outside Microsoft) regarding the topic of tagging within the enterprise / business context. I wanted to highlight for you two things I’ve seen recently that show where I think we’re…


Attention Clouds

Here’s an attention cloud for you. az. “The Intention Cloud is a web application supported by Perl and AJAX technologies that gathers and displays the queries performed on search engines by their users in an intuitive output using weighted lists, also known as tag clouds.”Tags: attention tags tagging


More on ‘the Lesson’

Joshua Porter, who coined the term ‘the Lesson’, has gone to the trouble of further articulating the principleWhat Joshua did by inventing the term is to encapsulate the root cause of tagging’s success and and other social network effects. I love it. Since his original post introducing the term I’ve been quoting it on…


47% of all blog posts are tagged

David Sifry provides more Technorati stats, this time with a little more info on the tagging front. Turns out tagging is really kicking off. The number of posts with tags or categories has grown past 100 million mark since Technorati began tracking tags in January of 2005: Nearly half (47%) of all blog posts have an…

7 Inside

At Seattle Mind Camp yesterday, Michael Blay Michael Blay, Geoff Froh and I ran a session on the topic of behind-the-firewall tagging.We kicked off by posing questions and letting a free flowing discussion kick off. It was great, lots of interest in the topic.Dave Winer attended and described the session as a ‘intense lightning-fast discussion’….