Moving my blog

OK, so I moved my new Alex Barnett blog to here for a number of reasons, explained here at my, er, new blog.


RSS feeds, OPMLs and Grazr

Kevin Briody of the Windows Live team has published the RSS feeds he subscribes to as OPML files for your feedreader. Some good feeds worth checking out there, including a bunch of Windows Live individual employee and team blogs. Kevin, one way of displaying these as a blogroll is to use Grazr. Below is your OPML file for the…


What is not RSS?

What is not RSS?  In case you were wondering.


Good luck Niall :-(

Well, I just read Niall’s post explaining that he is leaving Microsoft. Niall was recruited in April to help the Windows Live team build an RSS / Atom based syndication platform for consumption across devices. Like Scoble, I’m sorry to see Niall go. Niall really grokks the RSS / syndicated space and its potential -…


If you like microformats and RSS you will love this.

If you like microformats and / or RSS you’ll love it. If you don’t know about microformats and / or RSS you need to watch it. Channel9 interviews Matt Augustine and Paresh Suthar about Live Clipboard and Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE).


Syndicated search engines broken – Part II

A few days ago I grumbled at the poor state of the search engines specializing in syndicated (RSS’d or Atomized) content. Today, Michael Marshall Patrick is enthusiastically supporting a proposed standard by Bloglines that is trying to solve an apparent problem: ““Everything you blog goes on your permanent record!” How many times have we heard…


Syndicated content search – still broken

For a few months now, Randy Charles Morin has been tracking and grading the performance of search engines specializing in syndicated (RSS’d or Atomized) content. These search tools can be invaluable when you are trying to keep track of what customers, partners, influencers and press are saying about your product. Now, having customers use your…


Let’s REST!

A bunch of links to RESTful resources I’ve collated here and there – should be a good starting point to get a handle on some of the basics of REST, with links to example APIs / documentation as well as some posts ReprESenTative of the discussion in this space, plus some bonus randomly related stuff…





More FeedBurner statcrunching

As you might know, I like to keep an eye on my Feedburner / RSS / Aotm / feeds stats. Neville Hobson has just shared some of his Feedburner stat data and I thought it was interesting how similar some of the trends are compared to mine. Some differences too. Around 47% of Neville’s subscribers are using…