Moving my blog

OK, so I moved my new Alex Barnett blog to here for a number of reasons, explained here at my, er, new blog.


Virtual Earth *Interactive* SDK

How cool is this? Carter Maslan points to the Virtual Earth Interactive SDK: “The SDK is organized by the things you want to do, and each of those things is correlated to a live running sample, source code, and reference documentation – all one tab click away.” You might provide the most wonderful APIs to the coolest app ever,…


Create BOT for Live Messenger, win cool stuff.

Via Frank La Vigne – if you’re into AIs and help / KB systems here is just the challenge for you (devs and ISVs from around the world are eligable, not just US, which is nice…) “Robots or “BOTs”, are software programs that you can add to MSN® Messenger and Windows Live™ Messenger. If you add a robot…


Feedback on Live Messenger

Some cool demos at On 10 of the new Live Messenger. Chris has some more great feedback for our product teams. Don Dodge sees Live Messenger as further evidence of Ray Ozzie’s infuence. AMCP Tech blog agrees. Jesse asks the team about plugins, given the Yahoo IM plugin news: “I quickly browsed to the developer…


Windows Live Developer Center, now live

The Windows Live Developer Center site is now live at MSDN, where you can find stuff on the MSN Messenger API, MSN Search Web Services and more…  


Ajax and Virtual Earth tutorial

The Virtual Earth blog has posted some info on the first of a three part tutorial on Ajax and Virtual Earth. “Upon completing this simple tutorial you’ll have a mapping application built with the Virtual Earth map control that utilizes AJAX to asynchronously do a reverse geocode for the center point of the map. We’ll build…


Skype chats as RSS feeds

I love this. Jaanus, a Skype employee, listened to the Attention podcast I recorded with Nick Bradbury of FeedDemon and Kevin Burton of Tailrank. “At Skype, we’ve always been toying with the idea of attention management. You already see elements of that in the current interface, such as the “Recent Chats” concept or event management….


Microsoft Mashup videos

John Musser over at Programmable Web has a bunch of links to some developer-focused videos covering gadgets (, MSN Search APIs, MSN Search Toolbar, Virtual Earth and some Atlas Ajax goodness. – Tags: MSN, APIs, Mashup, Web2.0, Microsoft, VirtualEarth, AJAX


Mashup Feed

John Musser: “ProgrammableWeb’s ‘mashup-only’ site is live: What is it? As the name implies it’s a site, a very small one-page site for now, that is only about mashups: recent mashups, popular mashups, mashup tag clouds, and some other miscellaneous stats about mashups” Includes pointers to apps mashed using Virtual Earth, MapPoint and MSN…


Virtual Earth v2 APIs for Windows Live Local

Alex Daley has posted news that the MSN Virtual Earth site (now called Windows Live Local) will go ‘live’ on the web tomorrow (Thursday, December 8th). Press release here, coverage here and here. When it goes live (it hasn’t yet!) you’ll find it at I’m looking forward to playing with the first few experiments and services to take advantage of new Virtual Earth…