Moving my blog

OK, so I moved my new Alex Barnett blog to here for a number of reasons, explained here at my, er, new blog.


My musical attention (data)

Earlier this month I mentioned that at the Content 2.0 event I asked LastFMs product manager, Matthew Ogle about the ability to export my data out of the system so it could be plugged into another. After all, the music I listen to, for how long and when I listen to it, user-defined tag and…


Coping with Information Overload (video)

About four weeks ago I made my way over to ZDNet’s studios in San Francisco to be interviewed by Mike Elgan for DevSource and discuss a number of topics close to my heart.  The video (15-ish mins) is now published. Mike asked me about microformats, tagging, information overload, OPML, attention data and of course web…


Share Your OPML (it had to happen)

So, who would have thought that OPML would be a big deal? 😉The interest in Dave Winer’s latest project, Share Your OPML, is the reason for OPML’s Attention this weekend. And with good reason too. Dave hinted at this project at last week’s Seattle Mind Camp where we discussed Attention. This app / service is…


it’s about throwing stuff away

I had the pleasure of meeting with Steve Gillmor in San Francisco earlier this week. We met downtown where he picked me up and drove me to a cafe in a suburb – I don’t know where – and we chatted over a late lunch and lattes. We discussed the past and future of the…


Attention Clouds

Here’s an attention cloud for you. az. “The Intention Cloud is a web application supported by Perl and AJAX technologies that gathers and displays the queries performed on search engines by their users in an intuitive output using weighted lists, also known as tag clouds.”Tags: attention tags tagging


Attention 2.0

(I had to call this post something and given this pic, I couldn’t resist…) (er, that’s Attention two Dot oh, folks…) The Seattle Mind Camp 2.0 Sunday session on RSS and OPML led by Dave Winer was a fascinating hour, spent discussing, well, RSS and OPML and more. In the room were around 50 geeks, some with…


One Big Conspiracy

According to Charlie Brooker, it’s all one big attention conspiracy: “Install this driver. Now update it. Now update it again. Register to login to our website. Then validate your membership. Forgot your password? Click here. Now there. Fill out this form. And this one. And this one. Please wait while TimeJettison Pro examines your system….


Social Search

Business Week has an article outlining some of the ‘social search’ developments underway at Microsoft. What is ‘social searching’?: “Microsoft plans to unveil a question-and-answer social-search tool in the coming months, says Justin Osmer, senior product manager for MSN. The feature will let users direct questions to a specific universe, such as a group of…


GestureBank Recorder

Steve Gillmor provides some details on how the existing Attention Trust recorder (ATX) relates to GestureBank – the codebase is forking. GTX will be the GestureBank Recorder. Sounds like an IE version of the ATX and GTX recorders are on their way too. The beta’s nearly ready… “Now, with GestureBank and its open pool of metadata, we…