Windows Live WiFi – beta testers wanted!

Laura John (who I used to work with while we were both at MSDN / TechNet), has blogged about something I’ve not heard of before…Windows Live WiFi: “We provide dial-up access to a ton of users across the United States but we’ve also been working on a stealth project that we’re now ready to Beta…


oh yeah, I’m back…

From Yellowstone that is. Land of volcanos, bears, tents, and scary sounds at night. I nearly killed a coyote. Don’t mess with me.


IE7 – RCs, Changes and CSS

As you probably know by now, Dean Hachamovitch announced this morning that Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is ready for download. So what is the difference between a ‘Release Candidate’ (RC) and a ‘Beta’? Here’s the short answer from Dean’s post: “A release candidate is fundamentally different from a beta. With the exception of a very…


1 line in XAML

Tim Sneath asks: “What’s the most impressive WPF demo you can construct in a single line of XAML? Can you improve on these?”


On CodePlex, Open Source and Microsoft

Korby on CodePlex: “My take, from the trenches, is that CodePlex is Microsoft doing what it has always done: quietly supporting the needs and expressed wishes of our most important customers: developers developers developers developers, the fine folks who write the awesome applications that run on (and by extension, convince people to buy) our platform products.” Talking…

Meet Erik Meijer on Channel 9 (and why he keeps a penguin in a box)

Meet Erik. Erik Meijer is an Architect in Microsoft’s Data Programmability team. As you can see from these pics he let me shoot in his office, Erik keeps a penguin… I first knew of Erik when he was starring as the ‘Head in the Box’ on VBTV. (I wish I had a pic for you…


I’m not here

….on a little vacation, so comments are on moderation – will be approved when I get back in a week.


Instant IM Translation and other winners

The Made In Express Contest is reaching its conclusion – there are a total of 10 finalists’ projects and now it is time to pick the winners…Who will win? Well, that’s really up to you. My personal favorite is the Instant IM Translation. I confess – I’ve not played with the app – but the idea works for me. In…


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