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From article at Daily Wireless: ‘RSS and Mobile Devices’ Mobile RSS readers: Pocket PC: Pocket RSSSymbian: FeedBurnerSmart Phone: SPRSSiPOD: Ipod AgentPalm: HandRSS I’ll be trying out the Smartphone version and see how I go.


Gmail: Gee, the penny drops…

It’s taken a while, but the penny has finally dropped ‘en mass’ regarding the intended data usage around Gmail, going from a handful of media articles highlighting privacy concerns on days 2 and 3, to at least the 255 listed on Google News  at the time of this posting.. Now, while I understand where ‘Jeff Putz’ is coming…


Microsoft dipping toe into open source waters

From my perspective, Microsoft releasing WiX under CPL is a momentous step.  Since joining around 2 years ago I’ve been looking out for this move, and can’t quite believe the time has come. Rob Mensching and his team get my congratulations for their efforts in actually making this happen. The feedback from the dev community has been…


Personal search from Google – getting semantic

Edit your profile, enter your search term, play with the slider, get semantic. Google’s latest offering from the Labs is simply outstanding. A gorgeous and immediate interface…sweet execution. Play:


Blogging the Market (How weblogs are turning corporate machines into real conversations)- by George Dafermos

I recommend this excellent paper, ‘Blogging the Market’, by George Dafermos (PDF is here), especially if you are interested in the topic of blogging in the context of marketing and CRM.  Also has some great insights into the trend of internal blogging by employees (as a knowledge sharing / communication platform inside the firewall). I need to…


RSS Future – Distributed marketing and the solution to spam?

A perfect storm has emerged for marketers using email and dm vehicles in particular.  The 2 main factors are: unsubscribe numbers are on the increase due to spam and poor targeting the new EU directive moving to an opt-in contact basis (the rest of the world will surely follow) By definition, RSS is an opt-in form…



This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. (Updated May 29 2005): In addition, my thoughts and opinions change from time to time…I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind. This weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot and…


Microsoft Corp, Community Program Manager

Community Program Manager for the Data Programmability team, Microsoft Corp, Redmond, WA (more on this here). Moved to Redmond in 2005 as International Program Manager for MSDN and TechNet for a year. Joined in Microsoft in October of 2002 as Online Customer Experience Manager (in CRM and Online Marketing Team), Microsoft UK, did that for 2 years or so. Previous…


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