A crack in this fine social scene?

John Udell has raised a point triggered by the Share Your OPML (SYO) OPML experiment that I've not even come close to thinking about regarding the 'my data' meme.

"I presume there is no longer any argument about data export. If I contribute to blip or mefeedia or dabble, I'll expect to be able to easily get out what I put in -- or else I'll go somewhere that does ensure simple, high-fidelity export."

OK, got that...

"But I also want to extract and creatively reuse the amalgam of my contributions and other people's contributions, within and across these services. That's much trickier. The essential creative act performed by these services is, again, the creation of a community of contributors."

Yeah, yeah, got that too...but what's the point???

"How these services respect the creative rights of their contributors, while at the same time asserting their own creative rights, is a thorny question indeed."

Ah, yes. I hadn't thought about that. Or have I chosen not to? But the more I do, the more my brain slushes and mushes. Micro-drm? Nooo!


Shortly after posting this, I saw this post by Jason Calacanis (and this by Richard). I think my post title could just as well apply to this 'buy out' idea too.

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