Here comes the widgetsphere

Deirdre Molloy of NMK has noticed something...and I like it...

She's got the details, so I won't repeat here...

...but if you know the UK online scene at all, the names Bowbrick (my blogdaddy) and Pope (recently in Seattle) should be familiar to you. And if they aren't today, they will be...So will Sniperoo (blog here).

Look out San Fran. Here comes the widgetsphere.


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  1. orcmid says:

    What’s also interesting (maybe part of widget underground marketing 2.0?) is that the first trackback to Deirdre’s page is from a site that has imported your article wholesale with a little credit link at the bottom.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Dennis, yeah – it’s doing that across my blog and others too…i’ve deleted manually from here. nithing to do with widgets btw – i know you know that, just saying.

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