Mouse party.

Not this kind of mouse party… but this kind of mouse party… “Dude, tell me that hand isn’t for real”. or “What’s your poison?” Via apophenia.


Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer (iCup) @ Microsoft

The real Microsoft news today is not that Microsoft (and Google) want to dominate the web, nor is it *real* news that Microsoft today announced (along with the likes of BEA, Cisco, IBM and others) a draft of a new specification that describes the modeling IT resources and services: the Service Modeling Language (SML). No, no….


Microsoft teaser campaign for Zune. not.

Cesar sayz: “folks on the web are saying that it’s a Microsoft teaser campaign for Zune. It’s not.”


Syndicated content search – still broken

For a few months now, Randy Charles Morin has been tracking and grading the performance of search engines specializing in syndicated (RSS’d or Atomized) content. These search tools can be invaluable when you are trying to keep track of what customers, partners, influencers and press are saying about your product. Now, having customers use your…


Wormholes and photo collections

Remember the Seadragon Software acquisition in February? Well, some of that technology and talent has turned up in very cool project called Photosynth, under development within Microsoft Live Labs. “What if your photo collection was an entry point into the world, like a wormhole that you could jump through and explore… ” Er, you’ll just have…


Quick thyroid update

Just a quick update to let you know that my surgery went very well on Tuesday and am recovering nicely. Already feeling much healthier 🙂 Thanks for all your best wishes.


Long Life

Raymond was kind enough to think of me when he received a carton of ‘Long Life’ cigarettes from Taiwan from some out of town visitors. Since Raymond wants a long life and is generally a sensible chap, he doesn’t smoke. So he passed them on to me at a recent Microsoft bloggers gathering. I tried…


I have invites for Windows Live QnA…

Well, lucky me and lucky you.Betsy, Krista and co have been good enough to let me have some invites to give away for the Windows Live QnA Beta (hidden behind a beta door right now) If you’ve not heard of this service, check out this summary by TechCrunch. Now, I’ve only got a few, so first…


Let’s REST!

A bunch of links to RESTful resources I’ve collated here and there – should be a good starting point to get a handle on some of the basics of REST, with links to example APIs / documentation as well as some posts ReprESenTative of the discussion in this space, plus some bonus randomly related stuff…