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This is no ordinary blog post. It has embeded microformat content, but you won't see it.

This is the same page rendered in a 'microcontent viewer' created by Jason Kolb, so now the microformat content renders in the browser.

You can either hit the viewer directly using http://www.xformats.org/MicroViewer and whack in an url or you can append the URL to the query string.

Why is Jason doing this? In his words:

"It's also a small piece of a larger project I'm working on, but I wanted to throw it out there because I see a lot of misunderstanding right now about the potential of microformats.  Although I think it's very cool that search engines like Technorati are beginning to understand and aggregate microformatted content, that's only half the equation.  The other half is that we need to allow PEOPLE to use microcontent as well. "

He then goes on to make a suggestion for the Microsoft Office team:

"Oh and by the way, listen up Microsoft:  we need an editor for this stuff.  If you really want to leapfrog the competition, do us all a favor and build Live Clipboard and microformat support into the next version of Word and Outlook."

Maybe Brian can pass the word on? I know Shawn will be interest in this. One thought - what about in IE?

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  1. Jason Kolb says:

    Thanks for the trackback and comments Alex.  I agree, I think this type of additional client layer would be an awesome addition to IE, perhaps with a fallback to this type of Javascript/CSS-based solution for older browsers.  Man, if you guys can get that worked out, and get microformats baked into the next version of Office (or even available as an add-on), that would just rock.  Let me tell you, trying to create microformatted content is NOT an easy task at the moment, the current "editors" give no consideration at all as to how the data might be presented.  I’d love to be able to just pound out a blog post in Word and then paste the resulting HTML into my blog software.  I’ve already tried to write something similar that’s Web-based, it’s just too demanding on the client side.  I think this particular application is best suited to a thick client like Word, at least until the AJAX libraries evolve a little.

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