This town is addicted.

One of the joys of moving to this part of the world is the traffic. Now, everything is relative, and of course the Seattle area isn't free of jams, but it's a million miles (well, about 4799 actually) from the nightmare that is London.

I live and work in parochial Redmond. My commute is about 10 mins door to door. But Redmond has a problem all of its own. It's the 'Doh! I've left my Starbucks on the roof of my car' phenomenon. It's real. I have photographic proof, no less -

This is evidence of the sheer mayhem caused by the addiction to coffee in this part of the world.  A staggering three cars were held up for over 45 seconds while this reckless addict salvaged her grande latte (double whip extra white mocha, low fat of course). Oooh, tempers were flared and the event's vibrations are still being felt by town residents.

This is a problem I wish not to be the cause of, and is another reason I leverage the drive-thru facilities provided in my locale, all 45,000 per square mile of them. Try leaving your caffeine fix on the roof when you've not got out of your car to get it. Nope, not gonna happen to me amigo.

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  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    Ahh, on a daily basis people never stop astounding me with their <euphemism>actions</euphemism>.

  2. Our Starbucks is embedded in a Barnes & Noble… Different culture I guess. This gives me a chance to slow down, get my coffee, sit down for a little bit, get on the internet with my tablet pc, etc… Rather than rushing in and out.

  3. Heh! Sadly, that really is a problem around here.

    At least this guy didn’t have it come flying off as he rounded the corner, the only thing worse than forgetting your latte on your roof is to forget it on your roof and only realize it when you see it go ‘splat’ in your side mirror…

    Hey Alex, have you checked my site on your RSS feeds lately? There are two recent posts about user generated content and attention there…

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