Feedback on Live Messenger

Some cool demos at On 10 of the new Live Messenger.

Chris has some more great feedback for our product teams. Don Dodge sees Live Messenger as further evidence of Ray Ozzie's infuence. AMCP Tech blog agrees.

Jesse asks the team about plugins, given the Yahoo IM plugin news:

"I quickly browsed to the developer documentation of Yahoo messenger and it’s nice to see that you can create plugins using javascript and flash. Yahoo! focusses on the web developers and I think they see a messenger plugin as an extension to a web platform.

So let’s hope microsoft has the same plans for windows live messenger."

I hope so too.


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  1. Kevin says:

    You can find links to two Messenger SDKs on at

    The messenger Activity SDK and the Add-In SDK (which is in beta). Hope this helps with the question about extending Messenger.

  2. Stefano says:


    I had an idea to improve the friendlyness on the Live Messenger UI about file transfers.

    I always have the problem to scroll the chat window to retrieve the download status of a file and if I have multiple files this become annoying.

    I suggest a little modification in the chat window’s UI.

    <a href="; target="_blank"><img src="; border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at; /></a>

    I hope in a future improvement by this aspect.

    good work

  3. Adrian says:

    Hello, my name is Adrian and I’d like to tell you something that I don’t like about Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger): when you add somebody to you list, doesn’t matter if they’re from Yahoo or Hotmail…, after I want to delete them from my list I can’t do that…, I have to wait until they’ll remove me from their list to be able to delete them at all from my contact list.  Can you tell me something about this, if there is something to do with this?  Thank you!

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Stefano and Adrian – the best place for this feedback (it’s great feedback) is here:


  5. tefano says:

    thanks i’ve posted there

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