As you may have noticed, I'm taking some time off the blogging thing. I'm also in London now for the Content 2.0 event on Tuesday and taking a few days 'vacation' as part of the trip.

At Content 2.0 I'm involved in the panel debate 'Search and Enjoy - the Power of Search and Recommendation'.

A beautiful Saturday in London . I took a long walk this morning while listening to some podcasts I've had stacked up for a little while. I recommend this Dan Farber's interview with Dave Winer discussing Share Your OPML. I also picked up zero 7's third album 'the garden'. In straight at number 4 in the UK (if someone at the BBC is reading this - the charts should have permalinks for chart weeks) . Henry Binns is one of band members - he was a good friend in my nipper days. I'll seeing the him play at Brighton tomorrow. Should be good.

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