Techmeme hacked (redux)

Oh no, so it’s happening again (again, again, again)…! And yes, it is an echo chamber. – Update: Bah! Algorithms must have been updated (…de human editor won’t bite twice). Speaking of which…


Ground floor: 1

Via Postbubble I came across standpedia. It is provided by the same team who developed standpoint. I’ve just had a play with standpedia and I like it. Rather than try to explain what it does, here is a pic of what I created at standpedia: Got it? Like wikis, anyone (that has registered) can edit….


IE7 Beta 3 (more RSS goodness)

Microsoft’s RSS team blog has this news. “IE7 Beta 3 is here! We’ve snuck in some goodies in the feed reading user experience based on your Beta 2 feedback” The post provides details on the new RSS-related features.  More feedback sought. If you have previous IE 7 Betas installed you need to know this (from the…


What is CodePlex?

Thanks to Sarah Ford for pointing out this interview on video (on Port25) with Korby Parnell explaining some of the background behind CodePlex, a new portal for collaborative software development & for sharing source code. Hey Dana 🙂 !  


Enterprise tagging – off to the races…

TechCrunch outlines some of the features in a new product out there developed called ConnectBeam. It was just matter of time before someone ran with the Tagging behind the firewall idea. From the page describing ConnetBeam’s benefits: Bookmark, retrieve, and reference information useful for day-to-day work Feel at ease that your saved information is secure Find…


WinFS – Q and A with eWeek

eWeek: “Q&A: Corey Thomas, the group product manager for SQL Server, explains why Microsoft decided not to pursue the previously planned separate delivery of WinFS.”


LibraryThing – it’s not just about getting YOUR data IN…

Good to see LibraryThing getting a nice write up in the WSJ (via techmeme) I’ve mentioned the service before as a good example of how you can get the data out that you put in. This is my profile on the site and a page of my catalog. As part of my learning a few SQL Server things, I got the…


Is WinFS dead?

Quentin Clark has posted an update to the WinFS update and answers some of the questions that came since the post on Friday. It’s a Q & A format to help clarify some of the speculation flying around over the weekend and today. And yes, the original post got questioned internally and discussed at some length…


Things to do in 1300 A.D

<off-topic. if you’re looking for intelligent commentary on technological issues of the day, you’re at the wrong place. please move on.> From time to time something catches my eye that sets me off down a complete waste of time. Like this. “Here’s a hypothetical situation; you’re sucked into a worm hole and transported back to…


The Italian job

Australia was robbed. Awful. (I mean it).