it’s about throwing stuff away

I had the pleasure of meeting with Steve Gillmor in San Francisco earlier this week. We met downtown where he picked me up and drove me to a cafe in a suburb - I don't know where - and we chatted over a late lunch and lattes.

We discussed the past and future of the internet. It was wonderful opportunity for me ask the Attention Tsar loads of dumb questions (my manager told me I'm good at that) and to get deep into the topics of common interest to us.

There was a recurring theme to our discussion - Steve pretty much summed up it up in a comment he made yesterday :

"Search is dead. The amount of viewing/listening time is finite. It's not about finding stuff; it's about throwing stuff away."



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  1. You realize that your manager meant that as a compliment, right?

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    i think so tommy 😉

  3. BlakeHandler says:

    Alex –

    Your article’s title reminded me of a story — my neighbor was 96 years old when I said to him:

    Before I got married I thought I knew what marriage would be like

    because I had lived with a girlfriend — of course, I learned that I was wrong.

    Before we had kids I thought I knew what responsibility was because I had owned a dog once before — of course, I learned that I was wrong once again.

    So I asked: “What is it that I think I’m right about at this stage in my life that I will later learn that I’m totally wrong?”

    And his pearls of wisdom was — Throw things away! We collect things that NEVER get used and when you get older it’s even harder to get rid of these things.

    I’ve taken this advise to heart. So while I’ve saved my original

    Windows 1.1 disks etc — there’s no reason to keep all of the versions of software that I’m NEVER going to use again  . . . . so I’ve been getting rid of so much junk – and it does feel good.

    Blake Handler

  4. Right on Steve! You are hitting on the new fundementals of Media 2.0.

    I had a post on this a while back……

    In Media 2.0 the fundementals have shifted and so has the leverage:

    -Content is abundant

    -Distribution is abundant and open

    -Attention is scarce – mine is saturated

    -Media 1.0 was about find (search)

    -Media 2.0 is about filter (delete)

    This is a powerful shift!  

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