Live Local screencast

I’m really impressed by the new Local Live release (you’d might say ‘you would say that’ ’cause I work at Microsoft. But I mean it)…I got so excited by one feature Tommy showed me (adding pictures to Collections) that I made this screencast to show off some of the new features in this release (including…


Windows Vista feedback

Windows Vista Beta 2 feedback. Wot Chris sed.


2-tier internet means one thing

Tim Berners-Lee is getting some more deserved airtime over at the BBC regarding the net neutrality issue.I’ve stayed out of the discussion so far, not due to apathy, but because the idea of a 2-tiered internet is such a bad idea that I really couldn’t believe it would be taken seriously. But apparently it is.So,…

The mystery of J

Raymond sheds some light on the mystery of J.


I’m hyper.

  In late July I have an appointment with a surgeon who will remove my thyroid. Technically, this is known as a Total Thyroidectomy – a complete removal of the thyroid. In case you don’t know, this is where your thyroid is (unless you’ve had yours removed already): The reason for the surgery is that…


Enterprise Tagging

Since posting the Inside and Tagging behind-the-firewall posts, I’ve been pinged left right and center by a bunch of tagtastic people (both inside and outside Microsoft) regarding the topic of tagging within the enterprise / business context. I wanted to highlight for you two things I’ve seen recently that show where I think we’re…


Web 2.0 – the movie

Who says Web 2.0 hasn’t hit the mainstream – they’ve even made a movie about it. Slight re-branding though – the Net 2.0. – Tags: web2.0 movies


Allofmp3 – down for bad.

This news doesn’t look good…. (disclaimer time) I’ve been a customer for around 2 years, have been recommending the site for some time and currently have about $20 unspent credit caught up in there. I’ve never had problems with the site nor any issues around creadit card fraud in those two years. I’m guessing now, but like Mike, I suspect the…


Everyone is an expert (We the Media)

My dad sent me the following this morning. I just have to share this with you…enjoy:-Dear Alex,   See link below for a glorious, hilarious  mess-up by the BBC. A producer rushed to the reception area and mistakenly took a mini-cab driver to be a interviewed live on BBC 24 news as an “expert” on…


Blog in Word 2007

Joe Friend has some interesting news re: Word 2007. You’ll be able to author blog posts using it and publish directly to your blog (via metaweblog API or the ATOM API). Now, there’s no way I’d be blogging this news unless I had read the following. Which I did: “That’s right. No more verbose Word HTML. The goal…