Media Center notebook – what would you suggest?

Dear reader,

I need your help.

I'm looking to buy a laptop  / notebook as our super-duper Media Center machine at home (omg, did i really just say 'super-duper' ??) . You see, a cute little puppy killed our laptop with a pint of water.

dear puppy, in case you hadn't noticed, water and laptops don't mix well. please bear this in mind in future

(a very cute puppy. but I could have killed it.)

I looked around the usual suspects (Toshiba, Dell, Sony, etc) but wanted your advice too.

What I'm looking for:

  • A notebook

  • That will run MCE

  • with 17" or more screen

  • That will run Vista easily

  • Not 'super high-end' - budget is sub / or around US $2,000 (not more) including 2/3 year warranty and accidental damage cover

  • Weight - don't care. Reason I want notebook is not for lugging around on the road, but want room to room freedom

  • Record TV, etc

  • Enough storage to be useful, but not go crazy (I've got network storage)


What would you suggest?




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  1. john says:

    MCE? Surely, you don’t mean Windoze Media Center Edition?  You’d be much better off trying Apple’s (Intel based) MacMini with Front Row, married to El Legato’s EyeTV, though this outfit seems to run counter to your mobile laptop needs.

    In which case, I suggest a:

    A MacbookPro, either the current 15" model, or if you’re game to wait a few more weeks and want to save a few dollars, the pending MacTel iBook replacement. (Of course, if you’re waiting and you want to "buy up," you could always pick up the forthcoming 17" Macbook Pro.)

    Regardless of which you pick, thanks to Boot Camp, all of the above will let you run XP w/ MCE (and whenever if actually gets released, Vista) if you really really must run Windows. But I’d hazard to say that once you get comfortable with MacOS, you’ll find yourself using Windoze less, and less, and less.  🙂

  2. A notebook will never be alllowed to run ‘Away Mode’, because your OEM must be sure its location not in a restricted area, for example airplane.

    Away Mode is the killer app for PCs, we need a new name — Personal Computers are DEAD, most of my system is distributed over the Internet. lol

  3. Justin says:

    What about the 17 inch Mac Book Pro that just got released?  Unfortunately it is around $3k.

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    out of my league Justin!

  5. Lots of luscious screenshots in’s comprehensive review of Windows Media Center Preview…

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