What would you do with 150 Mac minis?

I'm not a Mac owner, but I know plenty of them (I sued to be, many moons ago). If you like / love Macs, you'll like this post by David Weiss who's got loads of pics and info on the Microsoft Mac Lab.

What would you do with 150 Mac minis...?

150 Mac minis


Comments (4)

  1. I would use it as an excuse to get the Digipede Agent running on Mono and then do some serious benchmarking of the Digipede Network on the Mac.

  2. nortypig says:

    hi alex, i think i’d distribute them far and wide to porper front end coders like myself for testing cross browser – its one of the biggest wants on most small pc based business hit lists.

    now you’ve got me hoping lol 🙂

  3. Tim Marman says:

    Who did you sue to become a mac user? You should have just asked to borrow one of these 150 minis 🙂

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Tim – nice typo spot! Will leave it as a ‘Freudian slip’ 😉

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