Object Orientated Machinery

Once in a while I see stuff that reminds me of the creative and ingenious nature of humans. This video shows how predominantly household objects and a few purpose-made objects can be combined to create clever little 'machines' that are fun to watch in action. I'm just amazed at inventiveness involved. Enjoy.

Object Orientated Machinery

(If you liked this, you'll like the Honda ad.)

Via Garett Rodgers.

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  1. cori says:

    Hey Alex;

    Funny stuff, but my real comment is completely off this topic.  You probably aren’t aware of this and have no reason to be or to care, but whatever method you use to include flickr photos is wreaking havoc on my web-based aggregator (Rojo).  It seems that your flickr photos often include the javascript function "show_notes_initially".  That’s placed in your RSS feed and parsed by Rojo, where there is no such function, which causes multiple error dialogs to pop up in my reader.


    FWIW, I don’t get the pop-up dialogs in Firefox when viewing your page, though the error is still there, so part (most) of the problem is on Rojo’s end.  That said, that javascript function call is always going to be meaningless in an RSS feed and arguably shouldn’t be included….

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Cori – thanks for letting me know. I’ll avoid this in future.

  3. cori says:

    Well, that’s one solution 😉

    I notified the Rojo-folk, because as I mentioned I don’t get the popups when I view your feed anywhere else, so they’re doing something differently….


  4. Jon Galloway says:

    The Honda ad was inspired by the 1987 movie, THE WAY THINGS GO (DER LAUF DER DINGE):


    It’s an amazing movie just from the scale – rolling tires, pools of burning alcohol, huge hunks of dry ice, etc. One long, engrossing sequence with very few cuts, and it runs for 30 minutes.

    It’s a little hard to find, but worth it.

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