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Steve Gillmor provides some details on how the existing Attention Trust recorder (ATX) relates to GestureBank - the codebase is forking. GTX will be the GestureBank Recorder.

Sounds like an IE version of the ATX and GTX recorders are on their way too.

The beta's nearly ready...

"Now, with GestureBank and its open pool of metadata, we have the opportunity to take the next step toward creating value and ratifying the Trust's other principles–property, mobility, and economy. See you at the Pool."



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  1. Sam Sethi says:

    Alex I am confused by Steve. The attention trust was a great idea and a not for profit organisation.  But I now find out that the ATX was developed with a slightly hidden agenda.  If you read the site – even today – no where does it declare that Seth Goldstein from Root.Vault was planning to sell my attention for his profit.

    And now the GestureBank has decided to stop using the ATX which Steve promoted in favour of a new GTX with new extensions. Is Steve using the new extensions so he can say it is different to the ATX and thus make money again from my attention if I gived it too him?

    One thing I cannot find anywhere is a declaration from Steve whether the Gesturebank is a non-profit organsiation or for his personal gain? Do you know what his position is.  All I can find is that the GB will be a anonymous aggregated pool of metadata but for whose benefit.

  2. Sam Sethi says:

    Alex forgot to ask do you know if the GTX supports the Attention Microformat so that any attention recorded can be exchanged with ANY attention service in line with the Attention Trusts stated goals?

    As you know I am are proposing an amendment to the current attention microformat which is different from the "clickstream only" ATX.  I hope the GTX  is not just another clickstream recorder and does look towards the work of the microformat community.

    The work on the hAtom microformat is the most interesting right now as it will enable HTML pages to be subscribed as well formatted documents into a database like SQLserver 2005.

    I wonder if an Xoxo with hAtom files held within its strucutre would be better than the current microformat structure.

  3. cori says:


    I think you misinterpret the relationship between and the Attention Trust.

    Root Vaults is only one possible service that you can send your attention data to.  It happens to be the most fully featured one right now, but whatever service you send your attention data to, what they do with your data is between you and the service you choose; the Attention Trust isn’t part of that negotiation and can make no claims regarding those arrangements.

    I can’t speak for Root, but I can say that they seem to follow the Trust principles – you can download your data, move it to another service, or delete it (Property and Mobility) and they only use your data for commercial purposes if you allow it (Transparency and Economy).  There’s no hidden agenda that I know of.

    As far as Steve and the GestureBank are concerned, Steve is no longer on the board of the Attention Trust and is focussing his efforts on GestureBank.  From what I’ve read, GestureBank is not non-profit, but also not merely for Steve’s gain.  I also don’t believe the GTX is completely baked yet (again, only my reading), and that it will probably start out using something very similar to the AttentionDataXMLFormat [], but Steve himself states that it will be compatible with existing services.

    Disclaimer: I am working with the Attention Trust.

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