Animated conversation

What is this? Conversations visualized.

This clip (.wmv) shows the pattern below in motion.

animated conversatons

" CYCLONE.SOC brings together two contemporary phenomena:

- severe weather, the project uses weather data that charts the emergence and progress of hurricanes.

- the polarized nature of debate that occurs in certain online newsgroup forums."

The Cyclone.Soc project maps one with the other.

It's what I imagine the blogosphere might look like from a certain perspective - a living universe - dynamic, inter-connected clusters of conversations and memes ebbing and flowing, swarming and coalescing.

via information aesthetics.

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  1. Visualizing Internet activity is, as always, very poetic. I personally favor the comparison with the "sardine run", this yearly migration of billions (yes, billions) of sardines off the coast of South Africa, where they move as one huge perfectly synchronized body, very sleek and beautiful. On Flickr, Jurverston has different maps of the Internet, all very beautiful, and looking very much like…a human brain scan. (which it is…). See

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