RSS, microformats, Live Clipboards and Screencasts

Some great posting going on re: microformats / RSS / Live Clipboard.

First to point out is Ray Ozzie's update (posted April 1st, but no jokes...) on some of the discussions taking place since the Live Clipboards announcement. Links to more resources too.

Nice to see Ray also acknowledging the work Tantek is doing to push microformats - a key component in the Live Clipboard concept demos shown at Mix06 and EmTech last month. (Tantek was one of the guests on Friday's microformats podcast).

The next related post is another classy screencast by Jon Udell identifying the data mapping challenge, using the Live Clipboards example.

"All this leads up to a question: How can I copy an event from one of these services and paste it into another? My conclusion is that adopting Live Clipboard and microformats will be necessary but not sufficient. We'll also need a way to agree that, for example, this venue is the same as that venue. At the end, I float an idea about how we might work toward such agreements."

The last but not least post to highlight is Danny Ayers' thinking about the problem Jon identifies.

"For Jon's event scenario, I think using direct URIs is probably easiest for identification. In part because for things like this a sameAs mapping is probably going to be pretty easy to discover. I put Jon's work homepage into Technorati's search, chances are it'll spit out his blog URI too. "


Find out more about microformats:


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  1. BillyG says:

    I listened to that podcast a couple of hours ago Alex. FYI, I had to keep adjusting the volume, sometimes all the way up to hear the speaker and then for other speakers, it would come in just fine. YMMV.

    Also, I assume the point for these is to get nb’s like me ‘into’ SemWeb and even though I’ve been reading up all I can, as you know it’s always that much better to hear it straight from the source. That being said, several times throughout the broadcast words seemed to muddle out or be spoken to quickly (coming from those who deal with this stuff all the time and "ya’ll know what I’m taking about" kinda language).

    I hope this isn’t coming across the wrong way, I definitely appreciate the effort; I’m just saying that if it is directed towards nb’s, perhaps a little slower and moderately voiced talking will do the trick.

    If on the other hand it is directed towards the uber users that were in fact mentioned in the podcast, well then I put my foot in my mouth again didn’t I? (I’ll still listen to the next one lol).  Thx.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    thanks for the comment BillyG. I think I’ve got something up with the phone I use. Everyone else comes through loud and clear except me…will fix for next time.

    Re: audience – tough one. I know that some of my blog readers are deeply technical – they are familiar with many of the concepts and looking to get deeper stuff. And then there are others who are looking for more of an intro into the topic, but I do assume *a level* of technical understanding…I think that this microformats podcast in particular had guests who were as technically profecient as it gets on the topics we traversed.  Some of the other podcasts don’t get quite so technically deep (or they do for a short while and then move up again). Anyways…appreciate the feedback.

  3. BillyG says:

    That’s cool, just wanted to get it out there… at least I finally got around to getting on the hCard list! Peace.

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