MSDN TV – Extending RSS with Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE)

A little while ago, Amyloo suggested that Microsoft has gone a bit quite on the RSS + SSE front.

Amy - I found something for you: check out this new video with the RSS team talking SSE...

"Paresh Suthar and George Moromisato talk about the creation of the Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) specification and how it could be applied to many kinds of synchronization applications. Paresh demonstrates a prototype gadget that synchronizes simple lists."


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  1. Sam Sethi says:

    Anymore news anywhere on LiveClipboard.  There seems to be nothing more on MSDN or anywhere.  would like to support this service or implement but as yet nothing.  Can you help or was it just demoware?

  2. Cory Nelson says:

    is there a reason the SSE acronym is being reused?

  3. Amyloo says:

    Thanks, Alex. Just watched it and it inspired me to check out the tutorial, too. Has anyone thought about using SSE for a message board, or something like a message board?

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