Geometry Wars – video nuts.

I've been playing Geometry Wars (Evolved) on my 360. It got to the point where I thought 'this is just getting impossible!'. Too many nasties trying to do me in...

So I hunted around for how I might improve and came across these videos by some total Geometry Wars gods (nuts).

These gods (nuts) are recording their efforts. In this video it starts off pretty 'do-able' and quickly gets frantic - skip to about 2 mins to get quite nutty...

Watch and behold.

(Takes screencasting to whole new level 😉

Seve Cakebread is the creator of this insane game,

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  1. Man, I almost threw my morning coffee away and escaped my computer. This is a video that convinced me again to be glad about a daughter, as a son would force me to play with him such a thing… and I would crash after 0.3 seconds. How

  2. Robert says:

    I keep having nightmares about green squared things chasing me… 🙁

  3. markbEast says:

    Geometry Wars rules everything!!

  4. Jockis says:

    The top player on xbox 360 has 200 million points score. 200 million. I think it’s the top score of the game cause it’s exactly 2.000.000. Imagine watching that video hehe (if there was one). about 10 hours long or so?

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