Windows Live Search, with Macros!

The Windows Live news just keep coming....this time it's Windows Live Search, with Macros!

Nathan over at Inside Microsoft takes a look...

Microsoft Gadgets has a collection of them to play with....

Brandon LeBlanc created two Macros himself.

Niall Kennedy likes Macros too:

"More advanced users can setup their own macro for preferred review sites, conservative bloggers, or whatever else is of interest. It's part Rollyo, part OpenSearch, and opens up many advanced features for geeks to help more novice searchers."

I've not had a chance to create my own, but I've got a few ideas...

Richard MacManus is pretty excited overall by the new Windows Live Search. Joe Wilcox at Microsoft Monitor has a review too.

Nathan's also got some stuff on the Windows Live Image Search too...oh look, hairy lobster!

Comments (2)

  1. Sam Sethi says:

    Hi Alex

    At last someone on my reading list has picked up on the macro’s – it seems the mainstream press and the digerati blogosphere – Scoble, et al have not seen this yet?

    I also am surprised no one on my reading list has picked up on the fact that Live Clipboards supports microformat/structured blogging.  

    I can here Marc Canter woop with joy from here in the UK! Maybe the answer is to increase my readling list?

    Finally I am confused with the Onfolio purchase? Newsgator and/or Attensa IMHO were much better purchases but looking at the new Live toolbar update and its integration with Onfolio – this acquisition must have been planned for some months at least.

    But what confuses me most is the number of Microsoft RSS aggregators and places to read/store my RSS feeds. –, live favourites, live toolbar, IE7, office 12, sidebar etc.  I guess this will become a non-issue when the "common RSS store" is released?

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