Cool little Greasemonkey script – it fixes MSDN titles

Julien Couvreur has cool little Greasemonkey script - "MSDN Fix Titles". It, er, fixes MSDN titles. So the titles are more usable. And readable. Which is cool in one way, but another way, it is uncool in that it is needed in the first place.

Anyway...a commenter in Julien's post points to another similarly useful script at Userscripts.

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  1. Hey Alex,

    It’s sad to say, but lots of sites need their titles fixed. Luckily, Greasemonkey can help us with that.

    Btw, have you tried "MSDN Language Filter"?

    It emulates a feature that is available in the VS doc browser and also now in MSDN2: with it you can erase code samples in languages that you don’t care about (VB and JScript for me typically).

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Hey Julien, yes, I know that thanks.

    Re: "MSDN Language Filter" – Good to hear that’s working for you.

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