UK online start-ups, where are they?

Time to get a little patriotic...

Fellow Brit, James Governior, moaned the other day (quite rightly in my opinion) about the lack of gusto and activity happening in the web start-up space in the UK. Now, it may be just a perception thing, but it seems as though we're somewhat lacking...what is it about the UK business environment that holds us back? We have some success stories in the high-tech industry, but not many to speak of at all (in fact I'm struggling to think of any - CSR and ARM come to mind), but why not in the online space?

It's weird. We have the skills - there are plenty of first-class developers in good old Blighty and a high quality pool of bright business minds that want the good life, but why is that those ingredients do not translate into the generation of successful world-class online businesses?

Maybe there are some hot players and but they just don't get the level of exposure the Silicon Valley young guns get If they are there, I haven't heard of them.

So James is going to try and do his bit for our queen and country. He's looking for some UK start-ups to explore and expose. If you know of any, ping James. He's hungry to know.

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  1. AngusD says:

    Goddam – you’re right…  I’m sitting here in the UK thinking the same thing.. I think it’s a mindset difference – the balls to get up and go for it is missing in our culture – certainly in the web space.

    I don’t konw if you caught the dragon’s den series in the UK before you left – about so called entrepreneurs and their new business ideas….   All well and good, but nothing to really break the mould – know what I mean?  Anyway, after a preview of american inventor in this month’s Wired, I don’t see much improvement over the pond!

  2. MSDNArchive says:


    I missed the series you mentioned, looks like I should look it up.

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