Microformats Podcast

Microformats Podcast Here’s a great podcast for you. All about microformats… Joining me are Tantek Çelik, Dan Connolly and Rohit Khare. I think it’s safe to say these guys know a thing or two about the web and microformats. As usual, show notes and link to download below. Enjoy. Background Last week I met with…


RSS 101 screencast (en française)

Claire Ulrich has created a French voiceover version (.avi) of the my RSS 101 screencast. Bon apetit. Claire Ulrich a créé une version française de commentaire (.avi) du mon screencast de RSS 101. Enjoy. – Tags: RSS française screencast

RSS + SLE (real world) examples

Sean Lyndersay over on the IE team blog posted about the RSS Simple List Extensions (SLE) and how they are being used today. (Note you need IE 7 to see the SLE functionality in-browser. Since not everyone will (or can) try out the IE7 beta, I’ve created some screenshots so you can see what all this…


Geometry Wars – video nuts.

I’ve been playing Geometry Wars (Evolved) on my 360. It got to the point where I thought ‘this is just getting impossible!’. Too many nasties trying to do me in… So I hunted around for how I might improve and came across these videos by some total Geometry Wars gods (nuts). These gods (nuts) are…


My 6 predictions on microformats

Joshua Allen helped organize the microformats and structured blogging unofficial session at Mix this week with Marc Canter and Tantek. Joshua has posted 6 predictions on the topic of microformats that are worth a read (thanks to Tommy for the pointer). FWIW (inspired by Joshua) here are my six predictions on the topic: 2006 will be a…


I’m getting one of these.

Shawn reminded me of something I showed him this week. The t-shirt, that is. I’m ordering too.


Alex Barnett podcast archive

  Microformats Podcast, March 31, 2006 “Here’s a great podcast for you. All about microformats…” Guests: Tantek Çelik, Dan Connolly and Rohit Khare. I think it’s safe to say these guys know a thing or two about the web and microformats. – Here’s an OPMLish podcast for you, March 10, 2006 “It’s all about the…


On Jigsaw

On Jigsaw, what Michael said.


Recommendation and the Harry Potter Problem

Greg Linden used to work at Amazon. From time to time he’ll recount one of his ‘early days at Amazon’ stories on his blog giving some insight into the development challenges in building the world’s largest online shop. In his latest post, Greg talks about the “Customers who bought this also bought” feature, internally known at…


Mix06 – that’s a wrap!

Here’s some Mix06 day 2 and 3 pics, links and stuff… Scott Guthrie’s presentation went down well – Wallace McClure liked the Atlas features he saw and met up with some Microsoft folks after the Atlas session. eBay’s Alan Lewis presented on using eBay Web Services to build a live.com gadget. He’s built a gadget…