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Frank Arrigo has been working on a cool little project Down Under. It's called TalkTechBlogs.

"This project has been a dream of mine for a while. It provides a single aggregated view of all the local bloggers in the OPML, as well as the ability for bloggers to add/remove them selves from the list. I love it. No longer do I have to manual edit an OPML file in notepad again!"

It's got a bit of Digg in it too: Users can give an item a Thumbs Up (Aussie style). The OPML is a collation of Aussie tech bloggers (which you can wack into your reader), but a lot of the content is pretty much applicable to anyone with techie tastes.

I'm thinking - how could use this for the Data Programmability side (that's my new team)...maybe a collection of the ADO.NET  / SQL Native / data access related blogs...? Maybe...

Dave....and Olivier (Mr Communities at, what do you think? Could we run with this idea for more topics at

Anyway, nice work Frank...can I nab it?

(One thought: would be nice to be able to sub to an RSS feed for the Most Thumbs Up page, not just the front page.)


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  1. I

    posted about TechTalkBlogs on Friday evening, and then Tuesday

    28/02/06 saw the MSDN Flash…

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