Optimal OPML Browser

More cool OPML stuff. James Corbett and Adam Green have pointed out a new web-based OPML file browser called Optimal, created by Dan MacTough.

I like love it because Optimal:

  • Honours the file hierachy with collapsable outlines
  • Provides links to the RSS / XML file
  • Provides links to the website the RSS / XML feed is from (if stated within the OPML file)
  • Is dynamic in that you can point to your OPML url (not upload it - so you change the OPML file, then the Optimal view is updated when rednered).
  • Renders the Headline / Item titles in realtime. These link to the articles so Optimal acts as a feed grazer / Reading List provider (think Taskable in the browser)
  • Provides a standalone rendering of an OPML file (here's mine)
  • Has a download version for installation into your site (PHP)

My Optimal OPML file


All very sweet.

Here's my OPML file rendered with Optimal (my actual OPML file used to generate the above is hosted here).



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  1. BillyG says:

    With your ‘dynamic’ description, it’s sounds Ajaxey and may one-up the OPML renderer plugn I’ve been using on my sidebar from http://www.yabfog.com/wp/opml-renderer so I’ll take a look, thx.

  2. BillyG says:

    Hilarious, I just clicked your link!

  3. Thanks for writing this piece and for posting your rendered files.  I love Optimal and used it myself after reading about it here.  I also accidentally discovered that the bitty browser renders OPML files.  Thanks again!

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