Just when I thought it was safe not to blog about OPML

Just when I thought it was safe not to blog about OPML and RSS, along comes Technorati to spoil my sabbatical with their favorites feature.

Here are *some* (50) of my favorite blogs/sites. Almost all are webbish / tech-type blogs and sites.

Others are adding their favorites too.

Now, before you get all disappointed and find yourself not on my favs list (as if you really care!), this is a selection of some 600+ feeds I trawl through. Not everyone can fit in. Think of it as an OPML sampling of what I'm reading.

It'll change from time to time though - I'm trying to avoid the usual A-listers and surface some of the more recent or lesser known blogs out there that I think are worth checking out.


Quick update:

Little things nark me. I like Technorati, but why does it have millions of little bugs like this? 12 days ago? 13? 30? Narked.



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  1. I could never get Technorati to update pings to my old site, but my tagged posts are showing up in Technorati now. And, yes, I had my blog software set to ping Technorati on updates.

    You may want to go visit the ping URL directly: technorati.com/ping/http://blogs.msdn.com/alexbarn

  2. TDavid says:

    The problem with Technorati Favorites is it is only as accurate and timely as Technorati. Despite all the graphs, stats and figures Sifry proudly rolls out, it doesn’t catch every blog, nor does it catch them as frequently as they are updated.

    For example, we have a newer group blog started at the end of last month that we’ve been working on (it has 26 posts as of this writing) and was updated twice yesterday. Technorati shows the last update 3 days ago. Bummer.

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    What it effectively means is that you can act as a guide to the web in your areas of interest…


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