Attention engines – screencast

I created a quick screencast to show what I mean by the term 'Attention Engines'.

Before I sign out for the night, I wanted to share some quick thoughts on others' recent posts discussing the Attention space.

Don Dodge asks:

"So, who are the new gatekeepers (editors) for the web?"

I say us, using our attention data.

Richard MacManus believes:

"2006 is for me The Year of the Filter"

It could be.

That said, information overload is a long-time gripe. And let's face it - we'll never really solve the attention problem, not this year and not the next - maybe never. As more and more information / content / knowledge / entertainment is created, we'll need better filtering to get at what we want. We'll expect more from the attention filters. We'll want to consume more, but less as a proportion of all the content available to us. It is a never ending battle.

Now we're moving again. 'Browse'. 'Search'. 'Subscribe' 'Filter'...

I agree with Richard, we're going to see lot of action this year from start-ups and the big players on this....John Tropea senses it too:

"I think the next tools we will see are OPML Readers or Attention Readers"

Matt McAllister is intrigued with the ability to see "view the world through other people's subscription lists". It's an interesting bi-product - I can put on his attention lens, you can put on mine. In the screencast I show the lenses vary the output based on different attention files. Danny, Richard and Matt and I - we're all interested in 'technology' but technology is a big space...I think this attention lens idea is fascinating.

John Galloway has been thinking about the Attention Problem too. He's got 1,500 feeds he's trying to sift though. Edge case? Maybe, but he's not the only do they all decide what to pay attention to?

Or put it another way. If I've got 5 minutes before I rush out of the door, how do I decide what to I pay attention to? How do I get the snapshot view of what's going on, a snapshot that is truly of interest to me?


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Sites show in the screencast - : Memeorandum, TailrankMegite, Findory

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  1. Very nicely done Alex! I enjoyed that screencast and think it’s very useful.

  2. – Amazon Plans Music Service To Rival iTunes (nice opportunity for server–>device integration here… among the plans: Amazon-branded portable music players for retailers and a subscription service) - MySpace goes mobile (launching a

  3. Don Dodge says:

    Excellent work, Alex. You clearly know a lot about this emerging space of "Attention" tracking. It was in honor of you that I titled my post "ATTENTION PLEASE – who decides what gets noticed"

    Your blog is on my daily reading list. great stuff!!

  4. Great stuff Alex. Am I correct in thinking that Megite, Findory, TailRank etc rank based on the feeds within a specific-users OPML file. Are you aware of any services that combine the input from multiple OPML files (other people whose attention data I am likely to get value from) and then rank across them i.e. a "super attention lens" which aggregates multiple users attention data?

  5. "Great screencast"

    "Builds on Udell’s pioneering screencast work"

    Only question I have is when do you start applying your attention leadership to the dayjob? Attention: Ray Ozzie–here’s your attention PM.

    Keep up the great work, Alex.

  6. Using RSS 101 – Screencast

    Using OPML 101 – Screencast

    Using Technorati and Tags 101 – Screencast…

  7. (I had to call this post something and given this pic, I couldn’t resist…)

    (er, that’s Attention…

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